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Posted by James on May 25, 2005 at 15:51:00:

I sure hope the folks talking about banning "killing fish" or boycotting boats that "allow" people to spearfish are living vegan, riding bikes, not wearing leather or make-up made from animal by-products and speak up when the dive boat they are on thrashes the kelp while pulling the anchor(s) and motoring away after a dive ( I was on a boat do that a couple of weeks ago) and yes , I did say something to the Capt.

I respect everybody's opinions on this issue but I can not remain silent any longer. The Southern California freedive/spearfish community, in my experience is way more in tune with the ocean and conservation needs than most the "ocean tourist" scuba divers I know and have met. Why? Because, in my opinion; scuba is easy. Most of my freediving spearo friends are also surfers, kayakers and all around advocates of the ocean...most of my scuba buddies do not share that connection with the ocean. For MOST, scuba was their first (late in life) venture into mother ocean. To be frank I'm a little pissed when someone who drives their SUV out to the dock and jumps on the diesel powered dive boat, or orders meat or fish in a resteraunt has the nerve to judge. It seems laughable to me that some feel the need to attack a legal activity that has little impact ( I've bagged one fish this year and a couple of lobster) when compared to high impact practices such as commercial long-lining and gill-netting ( I am opposed to both). In addition, it scares me to think that two groups which would seem united in ocean conservation should be at such odds(divide and conquer?) on such issues as one man spearfishing (again compared to commercial fishing...do you buy fish in the market or restaurant?) when our enemies are out there destroying entire species and ecosystems unababeted. I am just as outraged as anyone at the taking of protected species or violations of limits but am more outraged at the simple minds that feel going after an under-represented group such as spearfishermen ( and spearfisherwomen) will solve a global problem. Lastly, it may be cliche but...IF YOU DON'T WALK THE WALK, DON'T TALK THE TALK

And remember, we already outlawed crime

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