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Posted by Michael H. Kane a.k.a MHK on June 17, 2005 at 00:55:41:

As the vast majority who contribute to this list are aware, it has been several years since I have contributed to this list in a material fashion. Periodically, and despite the published policy respecting personal attacks, I have felt the need to defend myself on this list, but quite frankly this list to me reminds me of a schoolyard disagreement that I fought in the 8th grade, it's long ago settled in my mind, but yet you guys won't let it go.

Whenever my name, and/or GUE's name is invoked on this list, naturally I get a series of PM's alerting me as to the issue. 99% of the time I resist the temptation to respond, since quite frankly it's a waste of my time. Periodically, however, I review the list and am astonished at what lengths the moderators will go to leave up posts that attack me, and/or GUE, whereas they go to great lengths to tear down posts that I made. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY TO ME, IS THAT IN MY MIND THIS LIST IS OLD NEWS!!!!!! You guys are water under a very old bridge and I could care less about you, so my only request of the moderators of this list is that ANY post that invokes my name, or initials, please immediately remove. You guys seems to run a list that purports to be "free and open", however you have 3 distinct moderators that unilateraly, without any objective format, delete posts. Again, that is a battle long ago fought, so in an effort to remove my name from any such speculation, Chris, I understand that you & I will both be on the Great Escape this weekend, I will give you my private telephone number. While I prefer that whenever my name is invoked on this list you unilaterally remove it, I give publicly you the permission to call me anytime to eliminate any possible affiliation with sockpuppets. If I have something to say, I'll very publicly and very definitavely say it under my own name.

I'll see you Friday night

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