I can agree with much of that

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Posted by seahunt on April 01, 2000 at 06:07:03:

In Reply to: So sorry to disappoint you posted by Jusfer on March 31, 2000 at 22:30:18:

Except I don't think I ever said something as silly as: "It belongs to the people!" I'm not that impressed with people and besides, that is a silly, meaningless and wrong statement. Since the rest of your statements follow that, your points fall down some. Still, your meanings are clear enough and both are valid. As for the second point: "man has and will continue to extinct resources until either he is killing his own kind or if he is stopped." I've worked 30 years on that riddle. That is the Morality side of my web site. Have you glanced at it? As for your first point, my writings should make it clear that I believe that there is a desirable compromise. There should be harvesting, but present policies are insane. There are areas that should be off limits much of the time. My main point though, as an ecologist, is that maximizing a sustained harvest requires a healthy crop population that can be carefully culled. At which time the hunter could harvest a limited take and most of the population that you want to see swimming, would still be present.
What you are complaining about, should mostly be laid at the feet of the commercial harvesters and the legacy of FaG. Harvest policies of wild crops are insane. I have said before that this is because they are based on neolithic hunting practices and economic policy, not biological reality, but who listens to people that think. The second part of my web site trys to lay a foundation upon which this and many other larger problems can be solved. We can go the way of the dinosaurs and we will if we don't wise up.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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