rights vs. responsbilities

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Posted by msblucow on April 01, 2000 at 09:09:12:

In Reply to: Re: I'm back.... posted by seahunt on March 31, 2000 at 13:32:17:

Seahunt wrote:"Jusfer, I'm really disappointed in you. 'It's not a right, it's a privilage.' Who told you that? God? Or is it just your opinion and so
simply manipulative hyperbole? I have always hunted. Diving in California was pioneered by hunters. Just where do you come from
telling me I can't do that? On who's authority? Do you want to tell me that I can't go diving next? Maybe I don't have adaquate
training in your opinion. Maybe you don't think I should drive or even breathe."

Seahunt, I am constantly amazed by your ability to take an argument right to the edge and drop it down a cliff.

There is such a thing a responsibility. It, and vigilance are the eternal price we pay for freedom. The fact is, many sport hunters (and I do mean people who hunt for fun - commercial fishing is a whole other terrible issue),if left to their own devises, would strip the ocean bare just for the bragging rights. I'm sorry, but no one can tell me that bringing up your legal limit of lobster every time you go out is sustainable harvesting. If hunting is, as you claim, a biological human imperative, why not just hunt? Why kill? They catch and release trout all the time. Why not lobster? And don't even get me started on scallops. How is prying an inanimate object off of an oil platform hunting?

Seahunt, there is no such thing as manifest destiny. Man is an animal like all the rest. Just clever enough to be dangerous.

Oh, and by the way, California wasn't poineered by hunters, but by gold miners looking to get rich.

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