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Posted by Clinton Bauder on June 12, 2000 at 10:39:42:

In Reply to: Monastery not that dangerous posted by Jason on June 11, 2000 at 01:57:39:

The big problem with Monestary is that the conditions there are so highly variable. I've helped out instructors taking basic classes there and on other days I've been there when diving would be suicide. On one day I remember quite well I had met an instructor and his class at the beach. It was clear we weren't getting in but 4 other divers weren't so cautious. We arrived in time to see them attempt the exit. 3 of the 4 made it. The 4th guy collapsed in the surf zone too bonked to move further. The instructor and another AI in our group ran down and stripped his gear and carried him up the beach. It proved to be an effective lesson for the class.

Moral: Monestary can be a nice safe place to dive but even more than most places you need to be careful in your assesment of the conditions before you jump in.

BTW a really good way to get experience with this beach is to take a Rescue class. Monestary is an excellent place to practice rescues. For my class we had pretty good sized waves the day we spent there. Getting in while wearing full Scuba wouldn't have been a good idea but it was perfect for skin diving rescue training. All of us got beaten up a bit and we left with a good level of respect for the beach and a good read on the line between diveable and not.

Finally I note that there were several Grey Whales no more than 100 yards off of the beach...


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