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Posted by John Walker on July 07, 2000 at 00:00:19:

In Reply to: Known by whom? posted by seahunt on July 06, 2000 at 09:04:58:

Editor Seahunt, you are wrong. Many agencies promote the three man dive team. Unfortunatly you will not properly learn how to dive in many of the recreational agencies because of their fear to tell the general public the truth. The truth that underwater activities are hazardous.
I am affiliated with three agencies that infact do teach this. One of them will teach you this in their techincal courses only.
I have dove many locations aroung the world, never to hear anyone say that a three man team is frorbid or even discouraged. I think you dreaming this stuff up. Or maybe you could name one or two and I'll check into it.
And yes, the rule of thirds is a minimal gas supply turn pressure rule used in cave diving but is also used in wreck as decompression diving. Other than that I promote the 1/2 plus 200 rule for none overhean dives.
Lets look at an example of this rule. A two man team dives and a current either builds or changes direction. If diver 1 has a catestrophic gas failure around his/her turn pressure using the typical 1000 psi rule then diver 2, most likely to have aboput the same air consumption will not likely have an efficient enough gas supply to make it back.
One more. Kelphead is diving the Olympic wreck with seahunt at about 100 fsw. They are breathing about 1cfg per minute because they are hoovers. Kelpheads spg hose blows. Seahunt only has 900psi left for himself to ascend and do his safty stop. While sharing air with kelphead to the anchor line that he lost reference to and then up to their safty stop depth then 3 min later to the surface will seahunt have enough air to do this safely? Would a third team member be an asset or a hinderence in this situation?
As for your question to me, do I carry two pony bottles, No. I don't need to because the two buddies in my team reserve a third of their air/gas each in case of the event of a air/gas loss.
Would I expect a new diver to comfortably act as a team diver. Hell yes. If they can't they should be certified.
As to wheather or not I was drunk while posting that? This is a small community and you should watch your mouth. If you would like to insinuate such thing lets meet toe to toe. I am suprised that you, the editor of this board would make such a stupid remark.

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