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Posted by Jim on July 22, 2000 at 12:06:27:

In Reply to: Re: Discount Brain Surgery posted by tleemay on July 21, 2000 at 17:29:20:

Dear tleemay,

You make it sound like you know me since you were going to call me at home. Sorry, never heard of you. Which is besides the point.

You were not a happy customer because you bought a Ocean Master mask which cracked three times over a 4 week period??? Sorry, please explain how does any company (Ocean Master or Divers Discount Supply)stay in bussiness when their masks cannot even last ten days???

I suggest you contact John Hardy over at Rodale's Scuba Lab and let him know right away since the mask you purchased is exactly the same mask made today that in this months Rodale's magazine & recived one of their highest ratings. John must have tested their Ocean Master mask for less than 10 days and handled it 'very' carefully. On top of all that you even stated you bought another mask from Divers Discount Supply and seam to love it! Yet you would never buy another product from us.

As far as 'Discount' brain surgery, let me ask you a few questions first. Since when did Sherwood, Genesis, Henderson, Sea & Sea, Apollo, etc, etc become non-name brand gear?

Next, at your local dive shop who puts together your gear when you purchase your life support equipment? Is it a kid who just got certified last month & always wanted to dive and asks 'how exactly do you put these things together?' At Divers Discount Supply only instructors assembly your equipment. When you talk to someone in person at one of our retail locations or on the phone or by e-mail 'THEY ARE INSTRUCTORS!' Want to know why, because your local dive shop will tell you all you are going to get over at DDS is 'discount brain surgery' so lets sell you the same 'EXACT' product over here for 25% more. By the the way, this is 'Joey'. I certified 'Joey' last weekend he will be putting together your life support equipment, it may take a little while, he has never done it before.

Only instructors at Divers Discount Supply put together your gear or help you in any way. Ask the guy behind the counter at your local dive shop how long they have been an instructor. That's not to say the guy who owns the place has'nt been teaching for 20 years, but the guy behind the counter 7 days a week, that is going to help you with selections or a problem when they come up. Ask them next time you call.

All this is not to say that you did not have a bad experence with an unknown person in one of our stores '5 YEARS AGO'. Since I do not know you & you did not call our Corporate office we could not fix the problem with that unknown person. Of course without seeing the mask I am not even sure there was a problem (could it be 'user error' like dropping it, I am not saying it is, I am just saying that I have never seen any mask good or bad crack 3 different time over a 4 week period). Last year we sold over two thousand Ocean Master masks & by your example we should have recieved over six thousand returns (the exact number is closer to 6).

Want more, Check out 'Forbes' magazine they named DiversDiscount.Com (our new company name for the new century) one of the best websites in the world & the only dive retailer on the list.

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy your Apollo mask that you purchased from Divers Discount Supply.


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