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Posted by kelphead on August 08, 2000 at 19:23:49:

In Reply to: I think you're right on point.... posted by msblucow on August 08, 2000 at 15:53:10:

"it reminds me of when motorcycle helmet laws were first introduced. Everyone bitched and moaned about the loss of their

exactly, i couldn't agree w/you more. i'm sick
and tired of hearing that govt laws are overbearing
and stupid.

i was not aware of the l.a. county dive laws that
were tried, but i would have agreed w/them--or at
least i would now. i'm surprised that the same person
who wants to regulate wreck diving was against these
same l.a. laws.

btw, and i don't know if i necessarily agree w/this
or not, but much has been made in more recent years
about the desire for americans to seek out more
and more 'extreme' sports. some thoughts on the
reason why include the perception that there are
too many laws in the u.s. that regulate a person's
safety and, thus, some people seek out danger to
satisfy some sort of urge: hence, the so-called
'thrill seekers'.

so, apparently, the thinking is that there are too
many laws on the books now that attempt to regulate
our actions, specifically to save our lives, yet
many people (especially in the disposable income
bracket) are seeking ways out of this risk management.

re:the idea of stupid people having the right to kill
themselves, well, if you don't like that notion, just
remember instead that as a matter of fact, no one can
stop a stupid person from doing stupid things. they
will always get around whatever laws/regs you try to
implement to block their actions. we see it every day
in other aspects of our lives and it would be naive to
think it would work any better in diving. hence, if
stupid people can't be stopped, they then suffer
the consequences...

i don't like that idea, i just accept it. but if
there are regulations to be implemented, i don't care
if it comes from govt or the sport--it's all the same
to me.

remember, the industry is self regulating
who gets a c-card to begin with, but we ALL know
that scruples can be lacking and that MANY divers
are being certified w/o proper skills and who have
no business being in the water--yet, this is self
regulation and i can't believe that govt would
be any worse than that...!!!!


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