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Posted by seahunt on August 09, 2000 at 13:51:13:

In Reply to: mike, either i'm confused, or you're confused... posted by kelphead on August 09, 2000 at 11:44:55:

I wrote up a nice post in response and decided to
look through the posts to see if I was on track
before posting it.
You out did me magnificantly.
It does seem the issue is guidelines or
regulations, but you seem to have further clarified
that the issue is also about deception.
Enjoy, seahunt
Here is part of what I wrote, but it
seems irrelevant at this point. As Kelphead
says, it's not about what Soloman would do, it's
about what Michael and Co. would do if they
It seems that this speaks about a problem more ancient
than Soloman.
Humans try to achieve perfect laws, but there is no
such thing.
So we have judges to make sure the laws are just.
But judges aren't perfect either, so then we get
frusterated and take away the judges by making laws
that overrule them such as the 3 strike law.
The ideal situation is where each individual is
capable of being a judge.
Unfortunately, such wisdom is not common enough.
But then it becomes a question not of wisdom or law,
it is one of ideals.
What do you want? What are your hopes? What price
will you pay?
We all want individual responsibility.
What are we willing to pay for that?
If achieved, it could lead to a great society.
But we try to protect people from their own stupidity
and irresponsibility.
Well, that is going to fail anyway.
Against stupidity, the Gods themselves, contend in vain.
So... What would Soloman say to do?
I have only been to the Ruby E (near the Yukon) on the
Lois Ann. They always tell divers not to penetrate without
being qualified. But it's a rule like the rule against
solo diving. If you need to ask if you can do it, you
probably shouldn't.
So what is this all about?
Have you ever heard of what kind of person can analyze a
topic into complete meaninglessness?
Actually, I like the Lois Ann's rules. They tell you not
to do it, but luckily there are no scuba police yet, so
it does come down to the individuals decision anyway.
There are consequences beyond the diver, but for the
ongoing development of a free society, my judgement is
that we must be willing to absorb the consequences. Rules
are meant to be broken. If other individuals are worried,
they should make it so that it is harder to get lost in
the Yukon. Probably, that is all that can be done anyway
until the fanatics get the scuba police formed.
Just my $459.99.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

PS. I do a lot of history, so I can't help to compare
something like this to what disease used to do.
Individuals often unexpectedly died and people had to
carry on.

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