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Posted by seahunt on August 10, 2000 at 17:44:03:

In Reply to: Re: Fine.... posted by MHK on August 10, 2000 at 17:01:53:

Michael, semantics are the problem. I'm not clear
of what you are saying, because you seem to use
the words 'suggestions' and 'regulations' interchangably.
Perhaps there is a misunderstanding, but I'm not the
only one that asked you to clarify yourself. What I
said was what I got as your meaning. I admit, I
hope I'm wrong.
You never responded to a request for clarification
about what you meant and you never responded to the
concern that no matter how valid your arguements,
what about the people that have no intention of
penetrating the wreck to an overhead environment.
'I have suggested common sense approaches that you guys got all pissed off because it interfers with your personal
Interfering with my personal freedoms because of what YOU believe, is one of the few things that will piss me off....
but 'you think' inserted after 'because' would give this a totally different meaning and I am getting the feeling that
that is what you mean.
Tell you what. My gut feeling is that you aren't quite
meaning what I am getting from your words... though
I'm not positive. As such, until given a better reason,
I'll assume that you are probably more like a different,
easier going, impression that I have gotten at other
times. I will interpret 'regulation' as 'suggestion'.
I much prefer to have a good opinion of people. As
such I'll try to read what I think is YOUR meanings in
your words and bid you some very good diving.
Enjoy, seahunt
PS. I get paid well to understand words.

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