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Posted by JRM on August 21, 2000 at 16:58:35:

In Reply to: RODALE'S ARTICLE ON SOLO DIVING posted by Eric S on August 19, 2000 at 22:50:48:

This argument runs the same lines as the "solo-climbing" rampage. There always seem to be folk wanting to outlaw what others do because they find it hazardous or distastefull.

I agree with MHK in that solo diving is more hazardous than buddy diving. And the "panic buddy" scenario is just smoke. However, deep diving is also more dangerous than shallow diving, so does that mean no-one should deep dive? I've never dove solo, but I've climbed solo lots of times. But only climbs I've done many times before and feel comfortable with. Granted, with my wife being a diver (and much more experienced than myself) I pretty much have to take a buddy! (Gee honey, you stay home while I go dive ;-b). But I've had people tell me I shouldn't solo a particular climb because they think it dangerous. (BTW, solo climbing is *not* unroped climbing. It's just climbing alone, and a lot more work).

I feel more than happy to share the ocean with those who feel comfortable solo diving. As usual, there will be the people who shouldn't, yet do, and then end up as grease spots (or whatever the appropriate scuba moniker for the stupid and now dead is). But they're not going to listen anyway, and so Darwin's postulate is accurate. I only question three people's diving ability. My own, my buddy, and any instructor/leader of a trip I'm on. Y'all do what you want.


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