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Posted by JRM on September 05, 2000 at 09:57:59:

In Reply to: Wow, we can actually agree on something... posted by Eins on September 05, 2000 at 03:02:35:

Why does everyone always put so much emphasis on education. You can't "learn" bouyance control in a classroom. It's an experience thing. I am still working on mine, but it takes bottom time to develop the skill. I don't see why people keep blaming the education system (as flawed as it may be) for turning out poor divers. It turns out inexperienced divers. That seems to be the definition of a begining OW course. Why do you keep bashing people for being "bad divers" because they haven't had the breadth of experience you have.

Also, nothing in a classroom is going to prepare you to deal with an emergency situation. That's an experience game too. Why do emergency workers, the military, and anyone else serious drill. Because you learn by experience, not books. I am an EMT, and the anyone else in EMS will vouch for me on this, the classroom doesn't prepare you to deal with an emergency situation. That's what training is all about. You practice and practice and practice. Drill, drill, drill.

This weekend for me was a great example. I was up in the high country with a guy who hadn't really been before. And at first I found myself really put out by all his stupid mistakes. But he didn't know any better. Even though he'd bought really expensive gear, he didn't know how or where to use it. But he learned a lot just by spending the weekend with us. He gained valuable experience he can apply for his next time up. Is he a "bad climber?" No, just an inexperienced one.

So all you dive old-timers, stop bashing the new folk. We're not "bad", just inexperienced. And the only way we're going to become "good" divers in your book is by continuing to dive. So instead of whining about our skills, how about some pointers. I would love just to watch a lot of you guys dive, because I'll wager I'd "learn" more in one dive with an experienced diver than in my entire OW course.

BTW, my DM instilled this practice in me: Do a "skill" on every dive. It could be something as simple as flooding and clearing my mask, doing a reg recovery, OOA drill, to something as drastic as BC removal. He's been diving for over 30 years, and still does at least one drill per dive. I think it's a great idea, and I have been doing it. It only takes a minute, and the experience is invaluable. I also do bouyance drills for a couple of minutes during each dive, just for the practice.


"a fresh perspective" is English for "not been around long enough to have a clue!" :-)

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