Re: Regulator or BC?

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Posted by kelphead on September 07, 2000 at 11:58:20:

In Reply to: Re: Regulator or BC? posted by skelly on September 07, 2000 at 08:11:21:

((aaaahhhhh, see, you didn't say that you had problems
w/renting one or the other, but i'm glad you decided
what to do based on your own experience. however,
i would agree w/margaret that if you have the $$,
consider getting both a b.c. and a reg at the same
time or one shortly after the other--the peace of
mind that comes w/owning your own gear is great.))

re:which computer, again, you will probably get
many different opinions.

i use the 'genesis resource' and i like it for the
following reasons:

**all the info i need is on one page, no scrolling
back and forh

**i get a graphical ascent rate indicator

**i get a graphical nitrogen load indicator

**deco time indicator, if necessary


**user changeable batteries (the ones you buy
at the local drugstore)

**12 dive log memory (most recent dive displayed
first)--max depth reached, length of dive, if the
ascent rate was ever violated during any part of
that dive, dive number

**in the dive mode, you get the ndl for that particular
depth, max depth reached, current depth, dive duration

**is altitude useable (from 3000 - 14000 ft)

**24 hour countdown mode

i'm sure all these features are available w/other
computers, i just like the simplicity of using this
computer, and the owner's manual is pretty easy to follow
and understand.

this computer does not come w/a beeper.

this computer is not air integrated.

this computer only has one button (at least the
version that i have), but others seem to like
the two button computer versions instead. so, you may
want to look into that. the button is not one
of those contact types where you have to lick
your fingers and press two metal contacts--it's
just a simple single button you depress to turn
the computer on and to switch among modes.

i also have had a positive experience w/the distributor,
'cramer decker industries', and would recommend this
company for their professionalism.

i don't know how much this computer goes for these
days, but they used to be no more than 250-300$.

whatever you decide, best wishes!


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