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Posted by MHK on September 07, 2000 at 15:13:09:

In Reply to: Re: I just remembered the 7th posted by seahunt on September 07, 2000 at 14:46:22:

Posted by seahunt on September 07, 2000 at 14:46:22:

I hope that you can leave that decision to me, safer or not.

What you do when you dive is your business. But that does not preclude me from speaking out against a practice that I believe is dangerous. In my view the dynamics of diving has changed dramatically over the years. In earlier years dive classes used to mean something. In todays world many diver's are getting rushed through classes, many divers that aren't qualified are getting c-cards, many divers extract information from the various scuba forums. So I believe that if you decide to dive solo and decide to speak out about it that is certainly your right, but by the same token there are those of us that also have the right to denounce the practice. Sadly, we have been able to support our position by the added body count.

It has been argued that I am making up these deaths ( not by you but by others ). Please tell teh family members that I've made these up. Please tell the DM's that did the CPR, or the buddies who are left to live with themselves for abandoning there buddy that I'm making these up.

Scuba diving has remained free of government regulation because by in large the ratio of diver's to fatalities has stayed low, but as the bodies add up that may very well not remain the case.

Moreover, I have had the miserable experience of dragging three bodies from the ocean. Two of which went down with buddies and were abandoned by there buddies. I spoke to each of these buddies on the ride home and the feeling of guilt that both of them felt is indescribable.

So feel free to speak your mind, I have no problem with opposing viewpoints. But by the same token I will continue to speak my mind as well. And the more the bodies add up the more I will speak out.

Did you read the note from Ron Fuller's wife she posted after he died??? Did you not feel her pain??

When shit happens underwater, it happens quick and the window of opportunity closes quickly once panic sets in. A fresh set of eyes, two additional hands, a additional air source, a calmer head all add up in favor of a greater chance of survival opposed to a solo effort..


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