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Posted by MHK on September 08, 2000 at 09:03:06:

In Reply to: I'll tell you why posted by Eins on September 07, 2000 at 22:18:17:

First off I knew full well what I was talking about respecting the dive alerts. Whether I knoew how much they cost is completely irrelevant to the discussion because since I wouldn't spend 1 cent on them it doesn't matter to me. You continue to play semantics and I'll continue to state actual reasons for what I do.

Whithout reinventing the wheel, DA have added failure points, they have the ability to fail on your primary inflation source, they can easily be replaced with a $1 whistle to accomplish the same thing. You go ahead and parse this sentance and I'll keep talking about facts.

As to solo diving, since you are so into the specific wording of issues, answer this direct question.

When all 7 of these guys died were they or were they not diving solo???

It's a yes or no question......

After you finish pl;aying verbal gymnastics let's get back to the facts... A buddy would have saved some of these guys. Would a buddy have saved them all, I doubt it, but a buddy would have saved some of them.

Picture being the parents of that 27 year old kid who could have easily been saved, read Ron Fuller's wife note, picture being the wife with your child on the boat when you see your husbands scuba equipment surface without him.

Since you are so literal, read those words and then engage, but for you to challenge me on facts you are way off base. I could care less if you agree with me but don't expect me to get off message because you keep throwing out these ridiculous red herrings to sidetrack the salient issues.


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