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Posted by MHK on September 12, 2000 at 13:04:48:

In Reply to: Re: ...ok, let me try to get this straight... posted by msblucow on September 12, 2000 at 12:46:03:

It is difficult, if not impossible, to contemplate every situation that can/will happen underwater. To that end we have the added burden of speaking for the most part in generalities and then someone wants specifics. But if you speak in specifics than too many people say it not applicable. I therefore try to strike a balance, whether I do it well or not I'll leave for other's to judge.

But that disclaimer aside, I have a couple of concerns that come under the solo diving umbrella. The first of course is the planned solo dive. What that means ( and I would have thought it was obvious ) is that Diver A goes into the water without a buddy. My concern of course is that should something happen this diver is left to fend for himself. Several of the most recent fatalities have fallen under this caption. You will notice of course that it is usually the more experienced divers that tend to defend and/or subscribe to this type of diving. But I'll point out that the majority of the solo deaths have been from experienced divers.

An additional concern of mine is the *same ocean* buddy system. This really is a concern because there is the illusion of a buddy but the reality is that there really isn't a buddy present.

Then the final concern I have is with the * aborted* buddy team. This notion of, well my buddy is experienced so if we get separated I'm sure he'll be fine*. The integrity of a buddy team is only as strong as the least committed memeber.

The of course, you have a situation as with Gail this weekend. While I wasn't there it seems to me based upon the facts as reported, that the buddy team did as much as can be expected.

I repeatedly say over and over that a diver must be self-sufficent in the water because a buddy is NOT a bullet proof life saver. While I believe that the chances of surviving an incident increase dramatically with a buddy versus without a buddy, it does not mean that it is ironclad and set in stone that you will survive..

To answer Kelphead's concerns what I have been trying to stress with respect to the analysis of these incidents is that *at the very moment the shit hit the fan* these fatalities occured while the diver was alone ( without a buddy underwater ). So by definition there were solo. I have said time and time again during these heated debates that whether they went down as a team or not isn't particularly relevant in terms of where they with somebody at the time they needed it????

Clearly a discussion could be had with respect to teh lack of integrity within certain buddy teams that wound up with a fatality. For example, I think the buddy team at the oil rigs had they stayed in tact, this kid would be alive today. But by the same token, I think the team at Casino Point this weekend did as much as can be expected and sadly that may not have been enough. Which speaks to the point that seemed to offend some which is, that we don't know how this is going to turn out, but my view is that atleast she has a chance whereas absent the quick work of the buddy, Ken and the rescue team she would have no chance.

Hopefully this clears it up..


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