Re: Discount Diver Supply reputation?

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Posted by JRM on September 13, 2000 at 11:16:20:

In Reply to: Re: Discount Diver Supply reputation? posted by KZ on September 13, 2000 at 10:09:54:


I think it very odd that as a store owner, you expect to earn money. I mean, aren't you there so we can ask all the questions, have you size us, recommend packages, work your tail off, only so we can take that information and go buy somewhere else thats cheaper, because they don't care enough about us to offer any service. What are you thinking. Do you think we want to pay just a fraction more to somebody who will stand behind the gear, often solving small problems quickly without factory intervention. I mean hey, for just a bit less I can mail my gear back to the factory every time any little thing goes wrong with it. Or I can take it to you, whom I shafted in the first place, and expect you to fix it for free too? And because your a service oriented shop, you probably will, only so I can save $3.50 by shafting you on my next $500 purchase.

But seriously, I have purchased all my stuff from my local store. And I *know* I could have paid less. But if I ever have a problem (and I have, twice) I just take it back and the problem is solved, no questions asked.

If you really are that concerned about price, why not take that quote into your local store and discuss it. They probably won't be able to match it (they gotta eat, too), but perhaps you can work something out.

I have been purchasing my climbing gear at the same two shops here in town for the last ten years. And over the years I'm sure I could have saved thousands by going mail order. But the service I've received has been more valuable than a few bucks here and there.

If you are still having difficulty with parting with your hard earned money, consider it an investment. Are you willing to invest in the future service you will receive. Who's going to book the charters, offer the classes, tell you where the better spots are, offer you advice, etc.

What the hell happened to service? A friend (in retail) and I were just discussing this the other day. It seems everyone expects everything for free. Hey, do you like doing stuff for people for free all the time? I work in the IT (computer) world, and folks are *constantly* trying to get me to do stuff for free. Or help them buy something. Or "hey, there's something wrong with my computer, can you come over and fix it?"

I am in no way affiliated with any dive shop, in fact, I'm a new diver myself. But my advice to you is this: pay the little bit extra and support the local guy.


--sorry to rant, but this topic really seems to get to me. One final question: would you buy a parachute mail order?

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