Re: Ken, (the "Anoyed (sic) Majority" need not read)

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Posted by MHK on September 14, 2000 at 09:26:52:

In Reply to: Ken, (the "Anoyed (sic) Majority" need not read) posted by Eins on September 13, 2000 at 17:26:13:

Posted by Eins on September 13, 2000 at 17:26:13:

I am known for being anal in my quest for precise statements.

I have certainly noticed this about you, but I would offer this comment in this regard. These forums provide a unique opportunity for diver's to share ideas and discuss issues. More often that not we speak in generalities that speak to a wide audience. Your quest to be anal often times comes off as antagonostic. To the extent that we answered every question as precisely as you would have desire we would spend our entire day as if we were preparing to testify before a Senate sub-committee.

Usernet forums lend itself to generic answers to generic questions. If you feel that you wish a specific follow up by all means ask away, but more often that not, rather than phrase your follow up's as questions you come off as attacking the responder for not answering what you believe the question asked.

If a newbie asks a general question about ( for example ) why NAUI and PADI tables provide for differing times at certain depths. The easiest way to answer that is to simply say that the tables are based on different conservation factors based on the same Buhlman models. To the extent that we did answer something that generically I could vision you challenging us on why we didn't get into more detail about M-values, provide the specific algorithms or what have you. You often site that you are unfamiliar with our culture. I'm willing to accept that, so I would offer the following suggestion based upon that notion. If you are unfamiliar with *our culture* try to asimilate rather than expect us to all change.

Most, if not all of us on these NG's have *real jobs* and we can't worry about how anal you are in your quest for precise statements. We try to offer help, advise and suggestions but you all too often side track the salient issues with side shows, language lessons and nonsense that turns off many other who made have had an interest in the underlying subject matter.

I have told you often enough that you spend too much time paying attention to specific wording rather than looking at the big picture. Whether that is cultural or not I have no idea. If we answered all the questions with the precision that you require, we would need to spend all day writting treatisies.

No one is suggesting incomplete answers, but we simply don't have the time or resources to consider your *anal* factor everytime we post and this notion that you are championing *precision* from the usernet posters of the world is nonsense..

Most people know us, or have seen us post often enough to get a sense of whether we know what the hell we are talking about or not. Let the marketplace, such as it is, determine credibilty because your efforts are annoying..

Sorry if this seems harsh and it is not intended as a flame, it's just that I have limited amount of available time and I can't waste it arguing semantics everytime I post.


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