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Posted by Curt Billings on September 14, 2000 at 19:53:02:

In Reply to: Re: Discount Divers/Price comparison posted by Ken Kurtis on September 13, 2000 at 23:34:24:


Give it your best shot against e-tailer, Leisure Pro
7.25" Dia. Tank Boots F/Hp Steel $9.95 any vendor
UK Sunlight D8 Lantern Grip Light, black $39.95
Dive Rite 20' Low Pressure Hose 5/16 thread, $89.95
Poseidon Odin Regulator, full set, warranted. $324.95

I agree with your commentary, and it intrigues me to discover what is the cost for the following services….

Ken wrote:

"As a local retailer, what irks me about most e-tailers is that they do nothing to enhance our sport.

They don't teach people how to dive, they don't do airfills, they don't give advice, they don't do service, they don't turn your reg around in a day because you're leaving tomorrow, they don't lend you their personal gear when they're out of stock on something, they don't do local trips, they don't do foregin trips, they don't do rentals, they don't speak at local groups, they don't organize local chaitable events, they don't do free "Discover Scuba" nights, they don't ask about your dive this past weekend, they don't always keep
fully stocked on items, they don't think "bait-and-switch" is a BAD thing, they don't know that your wife broke her foot, and they don't know (or care) that your dog died."

Ken, I must add that please consider that most of these services are of no benefit to me since your shop is far out of my neighborhood. I do not even pass thru BH on an odd day. Even if I tried I can't get there most times you are open so I resolve to conveniently shop late night from my computer or at my semi local shops. Convince me you or any shop can market to more than just your neighborhood. And what advice would you give me, the customer, if I do not like my neighborhood dive store, should I open my own store or move?

In the real world the value added services are great, but only if you are lucky to have them reasonably accessible. Not every shop is a great shop. Most shops, are not and do not have, expertise in the many facets of diving.

I have never found the perfect shop. Their strengths keep me comming back and their weaknesses drive me away. When the faults are to numerous, I do not return.

With an e-tailer you know what their faults are, there arn't many suprises.

It is sad to say but it is the state of the industry.

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