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Posted by JRM on September 20, 2000 at 14:37:43:

In Reply to: Re: Dangers of Buddy Diving posted by kelphead on September 20, 2000 at 14:10:16:

Successfull CPR doesn't mean the person lived, it means you performed it properly. CPR does save lives, but it's defined as Basic Life Support (BLS). And it usually is only effective as an interim measure prior to ALS (Advanced Life support, i.e. a hospital or stocked EMS unit). Most of the time people die. It isn't like on TV where some schmuck womps their chest and they wake up (although there is a cardiac thump, as a manual defib. But it went out of vogue in the late 60's).

And speaking of, the new Red Cross curiculum includes "training" for the new Automatic Defibulator. You used to have to go through at least EMT-1, and then take an additional course to receive the status of EMT-D, in order to use the unit. Now the average joe who watches a video for two hours is supposed to use one? I find that frightening.

And Jim, I respect your actions greatly. Having dealt with death before I can understand where you are coming from. There's generally two ways to deal with it. Internalize and rip yourself apart, burn out fast, and generally screw yourself up. Or you can start to make light of it, develop a really sick sense of humor, and all your non EMS friends think you're an a**hole. I've been approached by people in public places before (usually a restaraunt) and told that they don't appreciate us laughing or making jokes about the demise of someone. And they're right in a sense, it's sick and wrong to think something that tragic is funny. But it's better than method #1.

I've never seen anyone drown, but a friend of mine pulled a kid out of a pool and it screwed him up. He flamed out and had to find a new job. You just can't help from being affected.


--BTW, next time you call 911 just think that the person who jumps out the back of the ambulance is probably making about $12 an hour. What's your life worth?

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