Still more questions, but we're getting there.

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Posted by Gerry Smith on September 26, 2000 at 18:10:11:

In Reply to: Re: More questions posted by tleemay on September 26, 2000 at 16:11:23:


Don't feel the need for a demo, thanks anyway. I'm getting better information here than at a DIR pep rally.

You answer my questions, but each time you elaborate, you bring up more points to ponder. To quote both you and MHK on the tenets of DIR:

1) No deep air diving.
2) The selection of a proper buddy (NO SOLO DIVING).
3) Limit your P02ís to 1.4 for the working portion
of the dive.
4) Incorporating deep stops into your ascents.
5) Using the proper mix for the planned dive.
6) Keeping your EADís or Endís at 100í max.
7) A unified team concept.
8) Good physical fitness.
9) Increased pre-dive preparation.
10)Minimalism and streamlining.

I agree with 1, but how deep is deep. 6 would imply 100 fsw. I've done probably 100 dives on the Moody, both air and mix, the difference is barely noticeable. Why go to so much trouble and expense for a minimal benefit?

On occasion I solo dive, so 2 is out. It has to do with the type of diving I do.

Been doing 3 thru 10 for years, but use 150-160 for the ead/end cutoff in 6 depending on the dive. I guess I'd cut that to 140-150, but 100 seems ridiculous.

MHK says the backplate need not be SS, so I'm good there.

The idea of doubles on shallow dives gives me a great deal of heartburn, especially for beginners (the one w/11 dives) but I expect you or MHK misspoke there.

OK, it looks like we agree on most, and agree to disagree on a few. Ain't democracy grand.


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