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Posted by JRM on October 04, 2000 at 12:00:32:

In Reply to: EINS, this on is for you , now pay up!!!!!!!!!!! posted by MHK on October 02, 2000 at 09:33:15:

OK, according to MHK's statements neoprene compresses at depth and he applies Boyle's law of gasses. I can buy that, it's pretty much a no-brainer.

But now on to "crushed" neoprene, which is compressed to remove the bubbles. I'll offer that crushed neoprene isn't bubble free. It can't be. It may have 99.9% less bubble volume, but it isn't bubble free. So there must be some small component of compression due to the properties of the trapped gasses.

But besides that, *ALL* materials (with a few rare exceptions like water below 4C) increase in density inversely with temperature. So the colder it gets the smaller it gets (if you need a proof of this, contact your local swim coach). That's why they don't define a meter as the length of the bar of platnum in France officially anymore, and define by distance light travels in some time frame. Because the bar expands and contracts based based on the temperature.

Again I think stipulate that water decreases in temperature with depth. Therefore materials will increase density/decrease volume with that decreasing temperature. Although not causal, an increase in depth results in a decrease in volume. That decrease in volume is manifest in a decrease in bouyance, because the mass is conserved.

And if you think about arguing that increases in pressure cause increases in heat (in a pure sense) because of increased molecular densities, please feel free to beat yourself, because that's even less a factor than all the above :-) Although it could be argued that a compressing suit is warmer than a non-compressing suit for this very reason.

Actually, I'm stuck working the booth at a trade show right now, and I have nothing better to do then watch the whackos go by and pontificate about this un-important topic. It's the IMX (Interactive Media Expo) at the LA Convention Center, and every wanna be for a thousand miles is here looking to get discovered. At least they wear interesting outfits (some better than others). I'm not exactly sure why we're here. I should have an EMS unit here with me because when they find out what are stuff costs they look like they're heading into cardiac arrest. Then they walk around for a bit and realize that they actually have to buy our stuff if they want to make it, and that hurts 'em even worse :-)

I wanted to go to a club meeting last night in Redondo, but I ended up having to work. Although it wasn't so bad, it involved getting taken out to Genghis Cohen's, which was great. And we had to go to a couple of concerts, although the bands kinda stunk. Too bad every day isn't like this :-)

Anyone know any other good restaurants I should hit whilst I'm down here suffering in Purgatory ???


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