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Posted by JR Gordon on October 09, 2000 at 16:53:22:

In Reply to: Rec Trimix (Triox) posted by Jim Hoffmann on October 09, 2000 at 16:18:43:

Hey Jim,

Unfortunately the recreational powers that be are so slow to adapt to change that it may be awhile before "the community" starts to understand the basic advantage of mix. Do you remember how PADI responded to Nitrox just a few years ago? Hyperoxic tri-mix, also called Hot-x or Triox is simply Nitrox with Helium added to further offset the effects of Nitrogen. It is simply a safer diving gas than air at recreational limits. The obvious drawback will be the expense, and the limitations of re-fills from dive boats. With competition, the expense and availability will change over time. Any controversy over safety should become a non-issue as the benefits of gas over air become more known. Education is the key as always. I visualize the days ahead when tri-mix, hypoxic or normoxic, is simply the only gas to dive. Hell, air might even be outlawed beyond 2 ATA!

JR Gordon

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