Rec Trimix (Triox)

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Posted by Jim Hoffmann on October 09, 2000 at 16:18:43:

One of my projects over the last year was to experiment with Trimix in the rec.depths (0-130). I have He in the store so it was easy , my mix was 28/35. I have been rotating using air and mix on my boat trips.
What I have found was that when diving on mix, the dives were clearer and sharper. I saw more and remembered it.
This of was no surpise, Mix has been used for deep diving for a long time(to releave the symptoms of N2 Narcosis).
What is a surpise is why this gas has not become the standard in the industry. Here is a gas that wipes out narcosis, gives good NDL's, and is easier to decompress from (since He is a faster gas than N2).
I also submit that loss of judgement and Narcosis induced panic attacks are the cause of a large portion of our diving accidents.
What is needed from our Rec. Cert. agency's is a Rec. Trimix (Triox) course. This would open up trimix to everyone ( Trimix is just as easy to dive as Nitrox, maybe easier).
That way we could all see more and remember it.

Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys

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