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Posted by JRM on October 10, 2000 at 13:26:43:

In Reply to: Rec Trimix (Triox) posted by Jim Hoffmann on October 09, 2000 at 16:18:43:

I'm curious where you get your helium. Do you get it from a welding supply type store or a medical type store? I'm really interested in learning to use it, but I figure I can wait until next summer to take the class (need a bit more "normal" experience first, and some more money, too).

What would the drawbacks be of using "welding shop" helium? Or the stuff they put in balloons? Does anyone know what purity limits are required for that stuff?

And as a side note, how do you Nitrox guys get away with driving O2 around without placarding your vehicle. OSHA has some *very* specific rules about the transportation of hazardous materials. Having a commercial driver's license really ups the ante should I get caught driving around with my oxygen tank (have one from past EMS experience). They think since I'm certified to know better I should actually know better. Besides, having seen those things cook off, it makes me nervous to think folks I share the road with are running around with them. I saw the aftermath of an O2 fire in an ambulance. Luckily no-one was seriously hurt, but there wasn't a whole lot left of that side of the bus.

This is just a stupid conjecture: I think it might be illegal for another person to place an hyperoxic reg in your mouth. That's administering oxygen, which would require the appropriate county certs. They're really sticky about that kind of thing. I wasn't even allowed to give anyone an aspirin (O2 and oral glucose only).

Has anyone ever ran up against these sorts of legal problems. Our fearless leaders have managed to accrue quite a collection of interesting laws, many of which we violate just enjoying our sport. Food for thought, anyway...


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