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Posted by kelphead on October 10, 2000 at 15:44:53:

In Reply to: Re: Rec Trimix (Triox) posted by Jim Hoffmann on October 10, 2000 at 14:33:11:

thanx!!!! jim!

= : D

"(By the way, I don't see how someone in the diving retail business can be knowledgeable about a product ( life support
equipment) or a gas unless tried it and tested it)."

one would hope.

= ; )

actually, i was more concerned about the actual
%'s you used. you didn't make it clear that
a specific % of gasses that you mixed was
a well established number, and that was where
my concern lay. i wasn't sure if you were just
trying out different %'s on different dives, doing
it the trial and error way, or if you were already going
by some published standard/recipe on how much oxygen
should be mixed w/how much helium.

mhk mentioned there is a body of literature on
the effects and usage of helium, but it just wasn't
made clear in your post as to how you came about
w/the so-called 'recipe' for the gas mix.

re:the depth q, after reading yours and mhk's posts,
i had been wondering why bother w/nitrox at all,
then, if you guys say all the next hype, in rec
diving, will be helium. but i guess the only reason
to still go nitrox and forego helium altogether
would be exclusively price. i wasn't sure if
there was a practical reason, such as using one
of the gas mixes at certain depths while using
the other gas mix at different depths (i was
trying to get at if nitrox was better for
shallower dives and helium better for deeper dives, but
now it seems clear by the posts that the only
real difference is cost btwn the two; otherwise
helium would be the choice all the time).

thanx!! much.


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