Re: Monterey vs. San Diego? (Advice Needed)

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Posted by kelphead on December 15, 1999 at 01:07:43:

In Reply to: Monterey vs. San Diego? (Advice Needed) posted by DiveAtlas on December 13, 1999 at 22:34:46:

well, i can't add much more to what's already
been said below me, but i will say that:

a) not having dived san diego, but having dived
monterey (w/jusfer several months ago), i would
definitely choose to dive monterey--again. i
guess it depends on what you want to do during the
dive. san diego is apparently known for wreck
diving, while that doesn't seem to exist at all
off the orange/l.a./ventura coast.

one thing i did notice that was different btwn
monterey and socal diving is that there didn't seem
to be a lot of fish life up there as there is
down here (though this may be a function of the sites
we dove). but the INVERTEBRATE life was utterly
amazing to me: VERY!! colorful up there compared
to our color scheme down here. so, it depends
on what you want: color and predominantly invertebrate
life -or- wreck diving in relatively warmer waters?

b) if you want to dive/snorkel w/sea lions, take a
boat out to 'the rookery' at santa barbara island.
i was enchanted by their extremely agile way of
swimming--nay, shooting!--through the water. just
check out the dive boat list on this website, as
noted by the others, and find a boat of choice and
ask them when/if they will go out to santa barbara
island (not to be confused w/the city of santa barbara
on the mainland).

c) besides the boat ops already mentioned ('peace',
'great escape', 'truth' fleet), i would also
recommend the 'encore' out of long beach. the
boat is the same exact design as the 'great
escape'. there are many many smaller boat ops
that take out fewer people, but i haven't had
any experience w/them since i've been shamelessly
influenced by others who insist on the other
larger boats mentioned.

d) fyi, there is blue shark(??) cage diving off
catalina by a boat op found on the island (i think
the name of the op is 'scub luv'--if not, then it's
the other only op in avalon, catalina island).

best wishes, have fun, and remember to post a trip
report when you get back.

hope this helps.

= : )


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