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Posted by kelphead. on November 06, 2000 at 16:08:25:

In Reply to: Pushing Buttons posted by MHK on November 06, 2000 at 15:48:18:

repost from below. also, if anyone wants to see
my personal e-mail to mhk re:his claims against me,
i'd be happy to forward you a copy.

btw, mike, i thought you wanted to end all
this--do you want to continue this or
would you prefer to just drop it now...?


1st of all, i am grateful to you for lending me
some gear and for your discussions (sometimes,
as i have found out, it is not always easy getting you
to reply to personal e-mails or phone calls, but
i do appreciate you taking the time to accommadate
me and others like me). also, as you know,
i have attended a couple of 'dir' sessions and
i have indeed learned more about diving by listening
to you and to others.

2nd of all, i don't really understand what you
mean when you say that i interject into discussions
that are over my head. actually, i do read the
posts on the board, even the technical ones,
and i am learning. as i've said before, mike,
if i don't know something, i stay out of it, so
i don't really understand your claim that i
insert myself into complex dive related dialogues
just for the sake of inserting myself into a

what i have done is to give advice to
others based on my own experience, or i direct
them to other sources if i can't help them directly--
i can go over my posts, as you suggest i should, to
affirm this last point.

i have also been known to correct others when they
may have mis-spoken about a concept, as others have
corrected me when i've mis-spoken.

also, i am quick to apologize publicly when i
have made a mistake.

re:my nitpicking, mike, i was appalled at what you
did and i didn't respond just to 'jump a bandwagon'--i
responded b/c i have a right to an opinion just as
anyone else does as well (including you). why is
it that i can't make public my personal opinions
about people but it's ok for others (ie, you and
john walker) to publicize your personal opinions
about others?? why is it ok for you and other
individuals to talk about other people, but it's
not ok for me to do that as well...?...

btw, i have already explained to you in a post
up above in another thread why i "nitpicked"
about your 'uscg' thread. if you overlooked reading that
post or just forgot, let me remind you that in this
case--the 'uscg' thread--i was admittedly being
an ass to you. ie, i was trying to push your
buttons b/c i was getting upset at you--i guess
i was frustrated at you just as you claim to be
frustrated w/others. that's all.

i'm sorry that our interaction has taken a turn
for the not-so-great, b/c i hope to continue
to learn from you via this medium. but
we all have different rules and codes
of conduct that are apparently not uniform. that's
what makes society so diverse...

btw, thanx!!!! ever so much for your very generous, personal
contribution to the 'dive flag safety & awareness
program'. we are slowly expanding into our next
phase and i have personally been out on the streets
during my weekends (instead of spending them w/my hubby)
spreading our message of dive flag safety--i still
have tons to do yet, but i have received direct support
from all over the southland and i have been coordinating
volunteer efforts. i still have a ton to do, but
our committee hopes to get our other goals into
high gear soon.

best wishes w/your new business.


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