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Posted by MHK on November 06, 2000 at 15:48:18:

In the last couple of days I have taken a fair amount of heat for posting something about Frank that some have viewed as out of bounds. I have stated that I could have handled it better, but I still believe that when someone offers himself up as a mentor people have a right to know what to expect especially given Frank's lack of specifics, the inherint dangers of the philosophy, and the utter contempt he has shown when pushed for specifics. Some want to make Frank out to be the victim, I prefer to challenge him on a detailed accounting of his offer. Had he not offered himself up as a potential mentor I could care less how he dives, but to the extent that he wants to mentor the masses about a system that he can not, or chooses not, to adequately explain than he should be held accountable.. Everyone knows that I, and the DIR system, has been challenged on every single aspect to the umptenth degree.. If he can't withstand the scrutiny than he should not expect that new diver's should enter the Frank Farmer mentor program otherwise. Whether you agree with me or not, you must admit I am willing to discuss/demonstrate ANY aspect of the DIR system.. Can Frank say the same?????

Buried in another thread is an example of Kelphead simply posting for the sake of *pushing buttons*.. EINS has also posted in the past that he was trying to push buttons, Frank, in my view has done little else but push buttons and Ken Kurtis has tried to hold himslef out as someone taking the high road while all the while he is a back stabbing coward...

So what I wanted to take a minute to point out while it seems fashionable to nitpick MHK's perceived shortcomings and while it remains fashionable to jump on the *DIR is mean* bandwagon I thought it was worth mentioning that it is a double edge sword and it's easy to say this or that about me and/or DIR but please remember for future reference it works both ways..

While I understand that not everyone will always agree with me I atleast try to back up my positions with reasons.. Many on this list argue for the sake of arguing and more often than not they are arguing *against* something rather than having a belief and a conviction to advance a point of view.. DIR has become an easy target to argue against by in large because George Irvine has set a tone on the tech list that some find offensive. Maybe true, maybe not, but it is a pre-concieved notion that has carried over to this list, as well as others, for which some percieve it as a unilateral opportunity to speak offensively only to hide behind the defense that George ( or MHK ) is rude.. Putting aside the fact that George has not posted one sylable to this list, putting aside that George has been out here on his own dime to speak about his beliefs, Jarrod Jablonski has been out here 2 times to offer his expertise, Ted Cole has been out here one time, Dan Volker has been out here, John Walker, Terry May, Troy Bagwell and I have all donated a substantial amount of time in the name of advancing diving safety SOME on this list need to understand that they are too quick to nitpick, criticize and antagonize. All who jump so quickly need to ask yourself this question, When was the last time you saw PADI, NAUI,YMCA, TDI or IANTD provide countless FREE seminars???? They will sell you information but I can't remember any of these agencies giving away their *knowledge* free of charge..

It seems that since we give it away that it get's taken for granted.. Many of the revolutionary ideas and seminars that we provide would cost hundreds of dollars if given from another agency, so I'll take this opportunity to remind you of this fact prior to your next knee-jerk reaction...


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