Got any cheese to go with this whine?

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Posted by Gerry Smith on November 06, 2000 at 19:09:56:

In Reply to: Pushing Buttons posted by MHK on November 06, 2000 at 15:48:18:


This has to be the most self-serving post I’ve seen yet. Sure, you’ve done some good works and pushed some good ideas. I was particularly impressed by your 10K challenge, which I understand made a lot of money for the Chamber. BUT – most of the attacks you’ve had to endure lately have nothing to do with DIR. You got yourself nailed for lies and arrogance. Lying about Frank – “…in and out of DRUG and alcohol rehab…” (emphasis mine) has nothing to do with whether he takes a drink. And arrogantly refusing to apologize to the man even after Ken showed you how it was done. That whining little “I admit I could have handled it better.” line is what we expect from a cheap politician, not someone owning up to a fubar. Now you want to make your point by calling Ken names? He was as disgusted with you as the rest of us. You need to realize that the grief you’ve gotten has nothing to do with DIR; it has to do with YOUR CHARACTER. YOU brought this on YOURSELF.

You claim to want no more than the promotion of safe diving practice. Wake up pal, you do more harm to the cause of Doing It Right than John, Terry and the rest can ever put right. Who cares what we think of George? He doesn’t post to this board. It’s what we think of you that is in the balance here. If you want to salvage your credibility, apologize to Frank and drop this thread.


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