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Posted by seahunt on November 07, 2000 at 12:17:33:

In Reply to: Re: Diving in the '60's posted by kelphead on November 06, 2000 at 20:37:43:

I don't think it was a matter of dive info that is the issue.
The physical requirements of the certification program were
far more demanding and under the circumstances, that was more
important to diving survival than knowledge.
It's interesting that you would say that you think training is
better now than it was then. I have to doubt it. You didn't get
'carried' through things the way you can in some classes now.
You had to have the skills and the knowledge. That can be
optional now. It was a different group that was diving then.
They were much less likely to be casual. You had to be more
devoted to diving and in better physical shape, than you do
Also in california, most people did some beach diving at least
and I will happily clainm that that required more skill than
most boat dives.
As for safety and fatalities, realistically speaking, it's not
easy to get bent with steel 72's. Not holding one's breath is
about the same as it was then. I hate to say, but that is most
of what dive safety comes down to then, as now.
Also, while there were some crazies then as now, there was
usually a larger safety margin back then, because limits were
not as accurately known. Any somewhat cautious diver tended to
be farther from the limits, because they were not as precisely
known then as they are with present computer.
Ah... The good old Scuba Pro Bend O Matic... but it did get
used and was sworn by by its owners.
And Eins, where did Frank's view get 'demounted'? Kelphead and
Ken questioned it, but I don't think it is so easily proved or
>>'why age and decades of world-wide experience must make someone
>>a better diver than a relative newbie.'
Experience can do that.
>>I also found it a bit funny to praise the KISS system when there
>>was no other gear available than was used.
It doesn't mean the KISS system isn't still good for diving for
the same reason that it is always a good design principle. The best
divers I know tend to dive with simpler equipment than most.
I always question assumptions. It keeps everyone honest.
I do know that things were very different than in the 60's...
In many ways, things were better. The only positive change I
see is the gear and gear does not make the diver. Not even
training can do that.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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