Undergarments for DrySuit

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Posted by JRM on November 16, 2000 at 15:32:22:

In Reply to: Re: Skiwear posted by MHK on November 16, 2000 at 14:17:28:

I would strongly recommend that you wait till summer, if you can. Then hit any of the technical mountaineering shops and relieve them of their overstock. I've managed to aquire multiple sets of pretty hardy clothing this way for minimal prices. Also, be on the lookout for the A5 parking lot sale.

I've never dove a drysuit, but I've got several friends who dive them exclusively. They all wear these one piece fleece suits that they spent tons of dough on. Personally, when I do get my dry suit (probably not for a year or two, unless anyone has a used one they're willing to donate to a really good cause: me :-) I'm just going to use some of my winter gear. A couple of years ago my climbing partners and I hit the jackpot, a store going out of business in the height of the winter season. In fact, we took a two week camping/climbing trip to Utah in January to celebrate!

Also, if you know anyone who is considered an "outdoor professional" (I think you could probably talk them into classifying a DM or instructor as such), you can get stuff from Patagonia at half price. In my experience, their stuff is the best (although also the most expensive). But with the pro discount plan, it really becomes much more affordable. But I think the garments I have allow much more freedom of movement then the ones I've seen my friends use in their drysuits. And I know from personal experience that they'll keep me somewhat warm (read, I'll live) when I'm completely soaked.

Just a few thoughts,


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