Re: Florida scuba fatality.

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Posted by Joe R on November 21, 2000 at 21:59:50:

In Reply to: Re: Florida scuba fatality. posted by JR Gordon on November 20, 2000 at 06:40:26:

as for 1 piece of webbing this point is probably the stongest contested between tech groups. I used to use a single piece of webbing, but I can get a much tighter fit using a single release and can get in/out of my gear very quickly. I have been diving for 12 years with well over 1000 dives to me credit. I have never seen a quick release break, they can hold large ammounts of weight. if the were so much danger of breaking you wouldn't be seeing them on the gear of climbers and rescue personel. if a person couldn't control his/her gear with a broken strap he/she should get more practice its a simple skill even in difficult conditions. if there is a small strap across the chest (1/2 to 1' ) with a quick release the breaking of the main buckle becomes a non issue. you waist will remain tight because the broken strap will not be allowed to travel far, and the portion on your sholder cant move either because if its rigged properly there is a grommet in the webbing behind the backplate where one of the tank bolts passes through. granted it may no longer be a snug fit but it isn't going anywhere. The diver still has 3 solid points of attachment (plus in most cases a crotch strap), also most people have d-rings on there harnesses above and below the quick release, a simple carbiner or anything similiar can be used to correct the problem IF it ever did happen.

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