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Posted by Eins on November 22, 2000 at 07:55:18:

In Reply to: What do you want in a shop? posted by Ken Kurtis on November 21, 2000 at 23:16:06:

My 5 key requirements then:
1. Gear to look at and to touch. Friendly sales people to discuss it.
2. Friendly sales people who didn't think I'm weird because I keep coming back to this store, poke around and don't buy anything for a while.
3. Good selection, so they have the gear for me to touch and look at, that I have come to find is what I want after shopping for, what seems ages.
4. A location close to home and parking close to the shop, so I can go down and visit them often.
5. A place where other divers hang out, so I can meet others who share the same interst.

Obviously, I was in love then.

My 5 key requirements today:
1. That they carry the exact product I'm looking for. Usually, that's one that is not widely available, and I want to see it, touch it, possibly try it, before I buy. And I want to buy, I'm not just "kicking tanks"

2. Knowledgeable staff with integrity. I expect them to know all the details about the goods they sell, and I expect them to say it openly if they don't know something. That's no problem. It is a problem if they invent an answer.

3. The best technical service in the world. Expert status technicians who masterly solve a problem right there, right now, once and for all.

4. Available INFORMATION on further education (not necessarily with their instructors, but with their recommendation), on local dive locations and travel, on dive-related events.

5. Actively managed local and near local dive trips. Weekly local dives, which would attract other regulars of this shop. If this shop is what I'd want it to be, I'd like to dive with the other customers who feel this way too and come for these reasons.

Off the top of my head,

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