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Posted by Other Ben on December 07, 2000 at 13:22:33:

In Reply to: A thought on hunting posted by brianc on December 07, 2000 at 11:45:59:

Hunting is one of those things that gets normally laid-back people really riled up.
I'm one of those. I have very strong feelings on the matter and agree with everything
you said. All except the "..most want to get the trophy..." I would say that there
are at least three distinct groups of hunters: those who are out for pure sport, no matter
what size or types of animal they kill, those who are "trophy hunters" and those who
simply love the outdoors, whether or not they kill anything at all. I've found that these
last types of hunters tend to take smaller or younger game because it tastes better, is more
plentiful and because it makes more sense, as you pointed out. This is not to say that trophy
hunters don't love the outdoors or that sport hunters don't go for the biggest deer, etc...
But the goals and mind-set of each are slightly different as you pack up and head to the nearest
woods or reef.

Whatever the capacity or variation on the theme, though, humans belong in the
ecosystem, in the foodchain, in the woods, on the reef. I think the only difference between people
and animals is that we've found ways to sustain a ridiculous number of our species. So the
natural systems can no longer support all of our mass. However, this does not mean that there is no
longer a place for humans in those natural systems. They still need us (in limited numbers) to remain
healthy. I think that some people forget that the natural world, ecosystems and the earth have
evolved their perfect balance INCLUDING humans. To remove them is no different than removing any other
integral species. Humans have a role to fulfill. Especially in areas where natural predators have
been destroyed. Has anyone heard [herd] what's going on in Upstate New York right now?

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