Re: Why attack Ken?

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Posted by Gerry on December 12, 2000 at 11:06:27:

In Reply to: Re: Why attack Ken? posted by MHK on December 12, 2000 at 09:13:29:

OK Mike, point by point:

MHK: “When you get some facts then feel free to respond but until then I would suggest that you keep you uninformed opinions silent until you know what the hell you are talking about.”

Which facts are wrong big shot? The facts I cite are simple, easy to check. How about a specific?

MHK: “The increase under Ken's tenure happened despite of Ken NOT because of it.”

Show us some evidence, or do we rely on your non-existent but highly self-touted “credibility”? Until then the numbers ($15K to $75K as my memory serves) speak pretty loudly to me.

MHK: “Moreoever, (sic) before you assume that you speak on behalf of the boat owners I would suggest that you speak to them because more than one of them have in fact spoken to me.”

Fact: I spoke to two boat owner/operators and one Captain, none of which felt Ken’s replacement was warranted. I don’t speak on anyone’s behalf other than mine.

MHK: “Gerry, I realize that you spend the majority of your time on this list trying to find things that I do or say that are wrong, but perhaps you should spend more time looking at your diving and less time worrying about me.”

Please Mike, don’t flatter yourself. You are a mosquito, when you attack my friends you need swatting. When you lie, you get exposed. When you post one-sided opinionated BS, you get corrected. What do you expect?

MHK: “BTW, keep putting all your weight on your weightbelt, that souns like a great plan having all ditchable weight.”

Typical MHK ad hominem stupidity, beneath contempt.

MHK: “FTR, I requested privately that Ken resign and was not even given the courtesy of a response so I went public. I don't feel that at this juncture it is prudent to air all the dirty laundry affiliated with Chamber Day in a public forum so keep your challenges silent."

You started this pal; I’ll keep nothing silent. If you want to shut me up, answer the questions.

MHK: “I don't seem to recall ANY participation on your part in prior Chamber Day events so to interject yourself for the self-serving reasons that are very apparent speak to your lack of understanding of the salient issues.”

I’ve worked a number of Chamber Days and Chamber Evenings. Don’t you remember the Gerry Smith 10 cent challenge? Aww, maybe I should have publicized it better...

You somehow expect to attack people on this board and not be attacked in return. Get real Mike, the world doesn’t work that way.


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