Re: Dual Tanks vs. Pony Bottle

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Posted by Kevin on December 15, 2000 at 15:34:29:

In Reply to: Dual Tanks vs. Pony Bottle posted by Randy Medaris on December 15, 2000 at 12:40:53:

Your Zeagle BCD can easily handle double cylinders..
You simply replace both cam straps with much
longer ones that Zeagle sells through their
dealers. I can change them out in a minute and
often do so, even on rocking boats. Its quick
and easy.

Please consider your weighting with doubles. I dive
double steel 95's for deep wrecks, but only because
I use a high quality drysuit. If using a wetsuit, I would
consider using double Aluminum 80's, for issues of
buoyancy characterists.

The iso manifold is the way to go, although there are
arguments for "twin tanks", which really means
independant cylinders. I've yet to understand the
arguments for indepdants, and have always prefered
doubles with an iso. This is for any type of diving
that is deep, overhead, or involves decompression.

As to pony size, that question is loaded because there
are so many dive variables. I usually keep a little
AL13 with me and a "shorty" DIN valve, Small Din first stage,
three inch hose and "button" SPG. Its compact and
works for most intermediate dives. On deeper dives
I use larger cylinder, but usually with gases other
than air in them. ( Then they are NOT pony bottles. )

Whatever you do, whatever your level of experience, once
your get you gear together HIT THE POOL. Practice
with the new gear, recheck your weighting, both amount
and position of the weights, swim and check your
SAC rate, streamline yourself.

Safe Diving


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