Re: Which statement? (& question for the DIR folks).

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Posted by tleemay on January 04, 2001 at 11:47:20:

In Reply to: Which statement? (& question for the DIR folks). posted by Eins on January 03, 2001 at 20:16:01:

Eins wrote:

"WRT how DIR goes about adopting new ideas or
equipment--I'll have to leave that to them to

That's a common mis-conception made about the
system. People believe that the whole DIR
phylosophy is a hard set standard and it will
never change. The fact is, the system is
constantly being evaluated and re-evaluated on
a continual basis by the training agency that
promotes the whole DIR practice - Global Underwater
Explorers (GUE).

The reality is, there are many little adjustments
and re-applications of the DIR configuration
aspect regularly being scruitinized by it's
proponents. If a new piece of gear or process is
introduced or otherwise created for diving, it's
the guys at GUE who have accepted the tasks of
picking it apart, testing it's limits, securing
any pertenent data from the findings, and passing
the findings onto the other proponents. If the
new gear or practice has a benefit and fits into
the overall holistic approach of the system, it's
adopted. If not, it's set aside as the proponents
move onto the next piece of equipment or configuration
that's to be tried and tested.

I suppose your next question will be where are these
approved configurations and phylosophies written
down at and where can you get a copy - we are all
going to just sit and wait a few more weeks until
DEMA or shortly afterwards where GUE will debut it
to the sport diving public (the technical diving
version has been available to the public for some
time now through GUE).

I hope this helps.

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