Which statement? (& question for the DIR folks).

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Posted by Eins on January 03, 2001 at 20:16:01:

In Reply to: Re: Part 2. posted by Randy54 on January 03, 2001 at 19:33:34:

>>Something you say does not make sence. If DIR
>> gear configuration is fixed, as is stated
>> often, how can you say others are not open to
>> new experience, when a major problem that
>> seahunt and I, along with others, is that DIR
>> is closed to change. By definition, DIR divers
>> can't be open to learning new stuff, using new
>> equipment or experimenting with their
>> configuration in any way. If they do, by
>> definition, they are not DIR. A very curious
>> statement you make.I think the term "Oxymoron"
>> would apply.

Help me, I don't understand. Where did I make such a statement? I'm not saying I didn't, but I don't remember--maybe it was in a different context. I didn't make it in response to seahunt.

Let's acknowledge DIR is a fixed system that can't be changed. So? Why should that prevent non-DIR divers to examine it and learn from it?

Granted, by their own definition, if you alter a DIR setup, it is not DIR anymore. So? That's their problem. For me to benefit from it, I look at it, examine it, evaluate it against my individual parameters and decide how far I will go in adopting it. I may not be fully DIR but so what? I will have learned something, hopefully improved the safety of my diving and am at least doing it better than before.

Being a free mind, I don't fear DIR or any other "fixed" system, as long as I don't have to unconditionally apply it and have the freedom to change it if needed. And who is to prevent that?

To be complete, I want to say that I have no objections to any (!) of the DIR components. Eventually, I may even end up being fully DIR compliant. Until then, I will omit the elements that I either can't afford yet or that would not be necessary with the non-OE diving I do.

WRT how DIR goes about adopting new ideas or equipment--I'll have to leave that to them to answer.


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