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Posted by Kevin on January 05, 2001 at 08:53:47:

In Reply to: Promoting vs. Discussing/Solo posted by Ken Kurtis on January 04, 2001 at 23:04:25:

Dear Ken:

Excellent post, and now that MHK is out of town we can all talk about him behind his back. ( Although somehow I believe he may be lurking in Florida so we still have to watch what we say.And I believe Terry has free weekend minutes to keep him updated !)

Now I have a question for you and the board regarding solo diving.

I was in San Diego for business a month ago, and found myself with a free Friday. I had my dive gear with me because I had planned on possibly getting in a dive if my schedule allowed. So I plunked down my money and and jumped on one of the many " Yukon Express " runs out. Now I usually patronizeone of two boats, and the captains know me. But this time I was on a new boat to me, and a new divemaster. When I got aboard, I let the DM know I was "single" and if he minded if I dove solo. After some serious discussion, we agreed that I could dive solo. The ironic thing was that there was a newly certified diver, very out of shape, with a "friend's" somewhat dated dive gear who was also "single aboard. The DM paired him with another dive team, much to my relief.

Now my question is would I have been safer diving solo, or being paired up with an unknown out of shape diver with some very dilapidated gear and zero wreck experience ?

I spent many, many days working inside the Yukon when she was in National City stripping out potential diver hazards, I have crawled through every inch of the wreck, even areas that are now sealed off. I have climbed up and down every stairway and been in and out of every hatch, she is like an old friend. Since the sinking I have made many dives on her, usually solo. I have been diving a long time and when I am not teaching SCUBA I'm usually diving solo and on wrecks deeper than the Yukon. I always dive with a second cylinder, either a large set of doubles on my back with an iso or a good sized pony is I am diving a single. I offer this brief dive resume in support of my own decision to dive solo, rather than with this "buddy".

I am in no way advocating solo diving, its a decision I make for myself and myself only, but as an instrcutor working with students, I am basically diving solo. And this carries over into my personal diving also.

So, was I safer by myself or with a "buddy" ?


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