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Posted by Randy54 on January 06, 2001 at 10:03:05:

Something just tickeled my fuzzy little brain. I just spent a coupel hours reading the latest DIR post. Over the last week, I don't have no idea of how many hours I've spent reading and posting, and learning. Forming opinions, and just having a good time. I logged off, and changed to go to the pool to work out, and as I was changing, I thought about my friend and dive buddy who's a life gaurd at the pool I'm headed to. He knows nothing of all this DIR stuff. Doesn't have free access with lots of computer time. Then I thought of my two other dive buddies, and the same thing applies to them. DIR has a lot of work to do to gets its message, for good or bad or whatever, to get to these people. I never heard of DIR until I came here. I've given this BBS address to many diving friends, because I think this is a neat place. I have yet to see any of those people come here, or at least share if they have. No wonder so many people are out there diving Non-DIR. They cann't hear the message. Just a little something that tickeled my brain. Dive long and prosper.

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