Re: Why DIR?

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Posted by MHK on January 09, 2001 at 06:04:25:

In Reply to: Re: Why DIR? posted by Randy54 on January 07, 2001 at 15:25:29:


You have confused several of our issues in one post. First let me address the
*octo* issue. I spent several posts explaining every reason why we reccomend the back up reg necklaced under your chin.
You indicated that you believed that your neck was too big and that this was then a bad idea.

I also explained the issues respecting using the *octo* on the LP inflator, once again you refused to acknowledge the obvious.

At some point people don't want to hear what I'm saying so I move on. Given the nature of this list I fully acknowledge that not everyone
wants to hear it and would rather debate than listen. After several posts if you don't get it I offered to do a dive with you to demonstrate.

Ay some point it becomes dimininshing returns so I agree to disagree and it was not
meant to be dismissive but a recognition of the fact that you preferred the *octo*.

However your comments in this posts respecting knives and DIR needing to *prove* it's benefits, what more sould you ask for???????????

A proven track record of routinely completing dives 18,000 penetrations at 300', the U.S. Navy regularly showing up asking the WKPP for advise, what else do you need???

Furthermore, I would encourage everyone to ask any questions of JJ, since I'm sure your sick of hearing it from me ;-)..

I'm in Florida with JJ and have limited access to a computer but I'll pop in when I can and see if I can't get JJ to spend some more
time on this list and help dispell some of the myths..

I still FIRMLY believe that not only is DIR applicable to California diving, it is in fact preferable and it's safety record is unmatched.

Lastly, Randy, as I mentioned to you in a previous post, standarized gear configurations help reduce delayed responses in a paniced and/or low vis situation so
that's why we standardize it not simply because George or JJ say so.

I'll invite you to demonstrate your system, coupled with a buddies varying system and then compare the two to two DIR
configured diver's and see who responds quicker in an emergency and/or low to zero vis scenario..


PS.. I'm watching you guys while I'm in Florida so keep it clean ;-)

I'll respond to the other posts when I get back..


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