Re: Ken Kurtis and the Solo -v- Nitrox discussion/promotion

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Posted by JIm Hoffmann on January 12, 2001 at 12:11:43:

In Reply to: Re: Ken Kurtis and the Solo -v- Nitrox discussion/promotion posted by Kevin on January 11, 2001 at 14:57:50:

Kevin, You being up some interesting questions. I called Ed Betts (Andi) and Timothy O'Leary (NAUI tech)to get there opinions on some of the issue you brought up. Talking to them gave me the impression that there allot of grey area's with the law's and standards having to do with OSHA, CGA, and Nitrox.
Here are some thoughts to some of your questions.

How can anyone in a shop or on a boat handle a nitrox cylinder legally without the correct Haz Mat training?

You do need HAZ MAT training to handle gas cylinder( you can get this through Bill High).
By the way I have had this training.

How Can anyone legally introduce a gas other than air into a SCUBA cylinder through a Scuba value?

This is a CGA rule But, what I'm introducing into the Scuba value is enriched-AIR nitrox. I'm also following the Scuba Industry Standards when I introduce the enriched-AIR nitrox into the value.

How can anybody transport a scuba cylinder filled with nitrox inside their car legally?

The only thing I could find out about this is that the tanks need to be chained down.

How can an instructor with Any agency and teaching Any level of class legally dive with nitrox without a recompression chamber manned and ready on-site?

It is perfectly legal for a dive instructor to teach and use nitrox without a recompression chamber on-site. According to Ed Bett at Andi, the Scuba industry has a total exemption from OSHA standards on this issue. This is probably close to being true.

How can an individual legally pruchase the correct grade of Oxygen for human consumption in California?

I use Aviator's Oxygen.

If we look at the law's of our state and our country I think you will find the many don't make since, they are poorly written, or made for another time, or for a different industry. I think that is what we have with the law's pertaining to Nitrox.

Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys

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