Hmmm, how to respond without pissing anyone off?

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Posted by Jusfer on January 30, 2000 at 21:20:05:

In Reply to: Re: Sport Chalet... posted by John Walker on January 30, 2000 at 20:20:26:


I appreciate your point, it is well taken. I understand it is the dealer's, and to some degree, the industry's point of view. But like with any issue, there is at least one other side to it. There is this damned consumer who just doesn't want to play their game and buy for a price the dealer would like him to, and that is the basis for our free market--supply and demand.

While killing the local scuba dealers is the last thing I (or any sensible diver) would want, it is only fair to accept capitalism for both sides. The dealer will always want to sell at the highest price possible, and you know what the consumer wants. But you can't blame the consumer for unethical practices of selling crap.

Take this real expample: I'm in the market for a $550 backplate/harness system. I've done my research (on a diver board, not at local dive shops who know nothing about those systems!!!). I now know what I want. All I will do is ask an authorized dealer to order it for me. Guess what he will try to keep for himself, and he did practically nothing for it, certainly not stock. Can you understand that I don't agree with that? I'd be happy to buy it mailorder, and why should I not if a dealer does not appreciate free business. Don't give me that beaten-to-death life support argument. How often do dealers know too little about what they are selling? How often do regulators get serviced and returned fouled up? You even got foul air. Great life support, huh? And I'm glad nobody got hurt.

OK, rant over.

BTW, it is only one Sport Chalet store that offers free air. All others (to my knowledge) charge.


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