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Posted by John Walker on February 02, 2001 at 17:14:59:

In Reply to: I think he answered you just fine. posted by seahunt on February 02, 2001 at 09:07:52:

Big deal. I've been diving for 24 years and have been an istructor for 16 years. That in its self doesn't mean didally.

I'm dising PADI for handing out titles that say nothing. These titles can become deadly. I have read numorous stories and accident reports of divemaster and instructor, who believed that they were invinsable, taking divers out an killing everyone. Let me tell you about the little boy that some no-nothing instrutor took out in high surf at pic nic beach when three other shops decided to cancell. I helped get the boy out of the water with Jim Hoffman. I don't know if the kid even lived.

This has nothing to do with announcing my superiority, so stop the antics. It has to do with my eyes. Seeing what the heck is going on around US. Most of you want to sit around sugar coating everything about the sport and I want to screem at times. We loose lots of divers each year and you guys sit their and say the odds are good. Thats moronis in my opinion. How about shooting for 0 fatalities, or is that to much to ask for?

This is not a chest beating session for me. And its not about any sort of hard core diving as you put it.

As for combat divers, Hahahahaha. E.R.. What does exceptable risk mean. These guys do what they are told. And often military divers no nothing about any other type of diving than they have been trained at. I have met many of them.

Its funny how most all of my students are either instructors or dive masters. I'd bet that any one of them could share the bitter edge of reality with you when it comes to the insults that modern day dive training have installed in our community. And PADI is at the top of the list. Lets just sit around and see how many children die this year in PADI courses

I didn't attack Micheal. I just laughed at him. Boy your are one sissy SOB. Charactor is right. Have some webbles and show us your name or go home and hide behind something else.

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