I think he answered you just fine.

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Posted by seahunt on February 02, 2001 at 09:07:52:

In Reply to: Re: Are there job opportunites for Diving Instructors in the San Diego area? posted by Michael Timm on February 01, 2001 at 20:28:26:

Hey John,
Hell, the guy sure does sound more experienced than you by a country mile.
Gotta know who you're dising or you might look silly.
I've been diving 30 years and while I'm not quite off the deep end as far
as you seem to be, I am one arrogant diver. I've been there and I've
dove comfortably under tough conditions. One thing that continues to amaze
me though is the experience of the people I meet on the boats. Sure, there
are some newbies and some dummies, but there is an amazing percentage of
extrmely experienced divers out there. I like to dis instructors myself
sometimes, but I have known so many that are so good, that I keep my mouth
shut around them. I don't think of Sport Chalet as hard core diving, but go
on their charters and you may meet (often PADI) DM's that can match your or
my expertise easily. The reason for this is that diving and instruction are
done by people who are devoted and love the sport. Like all things diving,
it is not about the agency, the system or the gear. It is about the diver.
Sure, there are some who start out weak, but the ocean quickly either makes
them or breaks them. Either they quickly become fairly good at it or they
are gone. If they stay, it is their love of diving that keeps them and it
is their love of diving that makes it such that I so often meet such devoted
and accomplished divers. It seems to me, your picking on PADI is not prompted
by their failings, it seems to be prompted by your desire to announce your
But this isn't about him or PADI. It's about someone who for some unknown
reason must attack others without provocation. They do it with the expectation
that they are attacking someone who will not or cannot defend themself.
In this case, someone that sounded younger and less experienced than this
guy turned out to be. What do you call a person that attacks someone who
seems unable defend themself? They are not people I fear any.
Worse'n that, this guy is obviously following his heart which tells him
to dive. You're picking on the kind of inspiration that is the greatest
thing in the world and makes the greatest divers. So what if you don't like
PADI. This guy is a diver. What are you going after his dreams for? Why are
you so bitter?
As for me. You didn't know anything about this last guy and you have no
clue as to what I'm about. I come from places you will never know. My
name matters none. Here I identify myself by the character of what I
write. I describe building rather than tearing down and I may defend
those who are attacked.
Enjoy, seahunt

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