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Posted by MHK on February 02, 2001 at 09:46:24:

In Reply to: I think he answered you just fine. posted by seahunt on February 02, 2001 at 09:07:52:


I've read John's posts and I know John very well and I totally disagree with you that John isn't talking about PADI inasmuch as he is claiming his *superiority*. I'll also discuss the Sport Chalet DM's in a minute..

First off John is well within his provience to discuss PADI's failings, because sadly there are plenty.. While I'll offer that there are certainly good PADI instructors/DM's, the organization taken as a whole, has allowed way too many to sneak through the cracks in the name of market share.. John's comments about a title used to mean something is very appropriate. All a PADI title means anymore is that you bought a bunch of classes.. If you don't believe that than you are living in denial. Once you hit the DM level, you become a *professional* and as such the public shouldn't have to wonder if you are one of the good ones or one of the one's that snuck through.. This is a self-inflicted wound on behalf of PADI and it is particularly alarming given their recent advances to 8 year olds and on into the Tech genre.. What I find ironic is that it seems OK to write thesis' respecting your perceived *issues* about DIR/GUE, but yet are willing to give PADI a free ride.. Can you say Hypocrisy??? If you wish to discuss there recent RecTec program I would invite such a discussion, particularly as it relates to teaching deep air...

I spent a wealth of time discussing all your concerns and while we may not see eye to eye on every issue, I believe that even the most ardent critic of GUE would concede that GUE will not accept mediocrity, but yet strives to seek more, and not less, from both the instructor and student...

As for Sport Chalet DM's, I would seriously seek your experiences with them.... The Sport Chalet policy is for the DM's to do as little as possible, not as much.. They will not touch your gear, they will not give advise if you have a problem and they are instructed not to do anything that could later be used against them. In other words they babysit certified diver's. Now some may want that and I wouldn't take issue with those that want to dive under those conditions, but I will take issue when you say that are amongst the best... I have boycotted Sport Chalet trips and I understand from your numerous posts that you dive off your own boat so I'm wondering how you concluded that Sport Chalet is amongst the best, or are you simply taking a position to oppose Walker???


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