Re: I think he answered you just fine.

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Posted by MHK on February 02, 2001 at 15:24:56:

In Reply to: Re: I think he answered you just fine. posted by seahunt on February 02, 2001 at 11:43:52:


It appears that no matter what I say you will respond with a long winded answer asking upmteenth questions, ignoring all my responses and then take a position that we are evasive..

I'll make this challenge to you so we can put this matter to rest.. You say DIR is inapplicable and I say it is so rather than waste bandwith I'll do this..

I will pay for you and I to go on ANY trip on ANY boat of your choosing.. No limitations whatsoever, you chose the dive sites, you choose the profiles, you can bounce up and down and do whatever the hell you want during any number of dives.. I'll even make it a 2 day trip and we can dive from 6:00 am day one through the night and into the next day and get as many as 15 dives in in two days.. You use a computer and I won't and I GAURANTEE 100% that will come within NDL limits EVERY dive..

It's one thing to provide long winded analysis on the bbs, but either put up or shut up....

Bear in mind I will follow ANY, NO MATTER WHAT, ANY profile that you choose.. You run the dive, you can go up and down all you want, it doesn't matter to me whatever you do, my only limitation is that I will NOT dive deep air ( ie; deeper than 100' on 21%) but other than that we can bounce up and down like a damn yo-yo if that is what you want and I GAURANTEE that I will compute the NDL's..

We have NOT been evasive you have just refused to listen, so put your money ( or time ) where your mouth is.. If you do not take this challenge than from hereinafter I'll assume that you are just posting for the sake of posting.. If you serioulsy want to learn this stuff I'll show it to you but I'll no longer go back and forth debating semantics..

And FTR, this offer is open to ANYONE...

You guys on this list spend so much time debating bullshit so let's get in the water, let's get on a boat at MY expense.. It will cost you NOTHING, but after I prove my points I expect that you will be man enough to get on here and post the results...

ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANY DIVE.... You run the events, you bounce up and down, you do all the sawtooth profiles that you want I could care less what you do ( other than deep air ) and I'll put my knowledge and experience against your computer any damn day of the week...

I'll await your response...


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