Re: any info on the Pacific Dream?

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Posted by kelphead on February 07, 2000 at 19:36:38:

In Reply to: any info on the Pacific Dream? posted by kimo on February 07, 2000 at 19:23:26:

kimo, i did my first ever check-out dive on the 'atlantis
boat which is the boat the charter company is named
for. when that boat was still around, you could
pay ~65$ food/air/tanks/wts all included for a day
of diving, usually off catalina island.

the crew was pretty good, at least in my experience,
and i personally didn't hesitate to recommend it
especially due to its value.

however, since then i've heard that the 'atlantis'
boat has been sold to up north and the 'pacific dream'
was having a LOT of engine problems the first year
it was used out here. in fact, it never went out
to any of the outer islands that first year.

also, as soon as they commissioned (is that the
right word??) the 'pacific dream', prices increased
for the 'atlantis' from 70$ to 90$ and i no longer
felt it was worth diving off.

the 'pacific dream' has always been 90$, as far as
i can remember, per person food/air/tanks/beverages
included, but there are apparently no bunk beds on board.

actually, jusfer recently told me about his experience
on board the 'pacific dream', so you may want to contact
him directly.

they may be charging that much just b/c it's valentine's

though i have never been on board the 'pacific dream',
i certainly would not hesitate to take the 'great
escape' or the 'encore' out to santa barb isle.

my vote would be to go w/the another boat, but then
again, 99$ per person is a little high for me even
on the 'great escape'.

best wishes w/whatever you decide and have
fun w/those sea lions.

= : )


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