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Posted by Chris on February 08, 2001 at 00:31:09:

In Reply to: Re: Solo Diving posted by MHK on February 07, 2001 at 12:00:37:

This dive accident is like many, a sum of many errors.

The article gives these reasons:

1) "If she had been diving with less weight: Tegner also was carrying 40.5 pounds of weights, which may have been too much"

2) "maintained her gear in such a way that dropping the weights could have been accomplished: Tegner could have saved herself by releasing the diver's weights attached to her buoyancy vest. However, an examination of her weight device -- a case containing lead balls rather than the traditional dive belt -- found that the release pin "was bent to a degree that the weights would have been very difficult to release," the report states." .... Sounds like an AtPack which are known for this very defect.

3) "managed her air and her dive profile in a way that would have left adequate reserves for a decompression safety stop and buoyancy."

4) "If she had stayed with her diving partner."

In addtion:

5) She got back in the water after surfacing without properly donning the new set gear.

6) She choose to get back into the water, instead of making a trip to the chamber. We will never know why.

I contend that only some of these mistakes could of have killed her.
There is no way to know if her buddy could have saved her! He might have, but there is no guarantee.
Ill functioning equipment, inattention to air supply and deco status, improper use of equipment, and a poor choice to get back in the water after surfacing were the key reasons for this death. If she had chosen to take a trip to the chamber instead of hopping back in the water, we would not be talking about this.

This was a sad and unfortunate incident, but to hold it up to say the solo diving is inherently unsafe is disingenuous at best.
Mike, this is hypocritical stance from you. Of the many dives I have observed you make, only a few were with a buddy. Most of the dives I have seen you make were solo!

Solo diving is practiced safely by many, and there are situations where I contend it is safer than buddy diving. However I do not advocate for most people. I do believe that any attempt to regulate it is ill conceived. Diving is a sport with inherent risks, as is skiing, motorcycle riding, skateboarding, rock and ice climbing, and others. No matter how many rules you wish to impose, people will continue to make mistakes, poor choices, or have unforeseen things happen that will kill them.

Diver safety begins with a state of mind that relies on knowledge, skills, and experience. All of these are more important than ANY system of diving. A lapse in this state of mind is what caused this accident!


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